Nikita Obukhov
Creative/Art Director
Hi, I'm Nikita.
I'm a Creative/Art Director based in Moscow with 15 years experience as a creative thinker and doer. I develop and explore ideas for my clients, making words and images up into simple narratives which talk to the right people.
UX/UI Design
Digital Storytelling
Design Education
Education / schools: British Higher School of Art and Design, Visual Communication, 2006-2008.

Education / workshops: Wordshop School, Intensive Course, 2009 / IKRa School, Digital Projects Production, 2013 / Future London Academy, 2013.

Experience / design: Presently working as a Creative Director at FunkyPunky Design Studio / Founder of Tilda Publishing / Tutor at British Higher School of Art and Design.

Languages: Russian, English — fluent, Spanish — basic

Selected works
Foodie's Mom
'Foodie's Mom' — blog about how it's worth to form food taste since childhood and how to do it correctly.
Design Reshetova Anna / Illustration Dima Zhelnov, Dima Serdyuk,
Reshetova Anna / Lettering Alexandra Korolkova, Ivan Velichko
Project management Varya Lagutina / Art Direction Nikita Obukhov
The brand identity and additional graphic was built. It suits to the main theme of the blog perfectly.
The list of recipes is placed on the home page.
Inspired by photographs of the dishes looked as art objects we made some beautiful illustrations with the architecture in the composition of the food. So we beat the great theme of the foodie blog content.
Moscow Film School
Moscow Film School — a unique project designed for education and training in all fields of the film industry.
Illustration Dima Zhelnov, Ivan Orlov / Video Design Igor Sandimirov Photography Sasha Karelina / Project management Varya Lagutina
Design and Art Direction Nikita Obukhov
On the home page significant place is used for news. It helps promote the content.
More than one hundred photos were made and added to the website.
The viral video was produced for this site especially
Redesign of the main Russian architecture portal
Project management Alexei Mikheev, Tanya Yeroshina
Art Direction Nikita Obukhov
The view of home page can change dramatically every day thanks to wide range of badges.
Examples of the block combination
Other works
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