We offer a wide range of services
Book the studio for all day of just for some hours, book a photo session with our professionals or even organise here your event.
Studio rental
Book the studio for all the day or just for some hours.
Book photosession
Our professional will help you to realise your dream photosession.
Spend an event
We will help you to organise your special day.
Studio areas
We have two hall areas. One is light with wide windows and high ceilings. The second loft room has brick decorative walls and old style wooden slabs. All areas are featured with powerfull equipment.
See rental prices
Lightning & equipment
We collaborate with many leading companies in photo industry. We are sponsored with such companies as Canon, Photoflex, Kaiser Re Pro and more.
Equipment rental prices
Equipment list
See our full equipment kit. You can rent any from the list for your photo session.
Light Kit - Professional
Studio Flash Z-100
Lighting Colored Gels
Studio Flash Z-320
Studio Flash Z-160
Conical Snoot With Honeycomb
Metal Snoot With Ventilation For Zebra 160/320
Barn Door For Zebra-160 &320
Barn Door For Zebra-100
Individual Approach
Softboxes are an important piece of equipment for photographers. It is useful in diffusing the strobes and it soften even light flow. Out softboxes have the umbrella style mechanism.

Light Grid For Soft Boxes
Softbox 4x6
Brolly Box
Background hanging system
We offer a wide range of backdrop stands and lift systems to assist in hanging your photography backdrop. Also, we can offer your one stop shop for photographic backdrop equipment.

Muslin Ceiling Track
Mounted Backdrop Lift System
Backdrop Stands - Portable
Our rules
The lives of two mob hit men, a boxer, a gangster's wife, and a pair of diner bandits intertwine in four tales of violence and redemption.
Behaviour rules
We reserve the right not to let in the studio and to get out from the studio intoxicated persons.
Studio capacity
The maximum number of people in a hall is 15. For more than 15 people – 30% surcharge to the rent cost.
Declared time
The beginning of the rent is considered to be the declared time, but not an actual time of shootings' start.
Do not forget things that you used for shootings, in order not to create nuisances to colleagues. Please, begin to collect your belongings well in advance!
Rent payment term
If you book the Studio in 10 days or more, the advance payment must be made within 3 days from the moment of reservation.
Booking cancelling
If you cancel the booking, defer booking, cut the lease time in less than 72 hours. Other way we reserve the right to retain 100% of payment.
Also, you can connect us by phone right now!
+564 453 555 41

33 Nyrang St
Lidcombe NSW 2141
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