15 MAY / 2021
Find recreation areas in parks, city squares, and embankments. Discover festival activities, event timetable, and practical information.
Festival Events
The concerts will be held on a temporary stage in the city center, at Green Park, Ekaterininsky Park, and the Capital square. You'll meet contemporary musicians from Russia, Serbia, France, Slovakia.
Free Museums
All state museums of the city will be open for free visits. They will be opened in the usual mode of operation of cash desks and exhibition halls.
Street Concerts
Festive parades will take place: on Lineyny Avenue, Lisitsyn Square, 1st Tatarsky Avenue, on Milionny Boulevard, and Vilinnaya Street.
Events for Kids
We will decorate the district parks of the city and arrange fireworks in the permitted zones. In the parks, there will be a rental of electric boards, and food courts.
City festival for your friends and family
20 festival stages
Events in the city center and close to your home
16 musicians
Invited artists and DJs from different countries
120+ participants
Agriculture, Applied Products and Vintage Fair
Newborn Jukic st.
After restoration, the city's oldest street is back
Festival Locations in the City
Key locations of the festival are marked on the map of the city. The central part of the city will be the busiest one. And if you do not go far, you can find many interesting activities next door.
Festival Program / May 15
Ljubljanskaya street
09:00 Parade in honor of the holiday
09:00–20:00 Food Market (farm food, masterclasses)
09:00–18:00 Flower Market
10:00–19:00 SIDC Museum is open for free attendance
Park Shuma Goritsa (Goritsa)
09:00–20:00 Photo exhibition "History of the city". The beginning of the exhibition is near the park entrance
09:00–20:00 Retro car exhibition in the western part of the park (all day)
14:00 -15:00 Basketball competition
18:00 Opening of the International Brass Band Festival
18:00 - 20:00 Mototrial competition
St. Peter's Boulevard (New Grad)
13:00 - 13:40 Concert of the DM
10:00 - 12:00 Mini performances for children
22:00 City fireworks
20:00 Opening of Ilya Dzhukich Alley
Streets Closed on May 15
At the time of the celebration of the City Anniversary on May 15, the following streets will be closed:
Central part of the city
Sadovaya Street - starting from the intersection with Proletarskaya and Markov Street
Papusheva street - blocked completely throughout the day
Linear Avenue - from the ministry building to the Greek Embassy
Energy transit - blocked completely throughout the day
Steel Lane in the direction of the center - closed from 8:00 to 12:30
Western part of the city
Green Street - starting at the intersection of Proletarskaya and Markov Street
Barkovskiy Park - completely blocked throughout the day
Markova street - from the ministry building to the Greek embassy
Markov passage - blocked completely throughout the day
The embankment from Sevastopol Avenue to the street. Vlady Mikhalina - closed from 8:00 to 12:30
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