LTE Driving School in Dublin

Driving lessons from only €40 per hour!
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The first introductory lesson in the local driving school
We are an experienced modern school with a next-gen approach and a mission to provide only high-quality driving lessons. We have professional instructors and new cars.
Number of years our school exists and helps people learn to drive
30 000
Number of graduates who successfully got their driving license
The minimum cost (in euros) per lesson in our school
Choose a plan you prefer and book a free lesson. For any questions, call us +353 1234 56 78
Single 60-minute lesson
€ 40
  • 10 lessons: €380
  • 20 lessons: €750
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Manual car
Single 60-minute lesson
€ 42
  • 10 lessons: €390
  • 20 lessons: €770
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Automatic car
Single 60-minute lesson
€ 46
  • 10 lessons: €410
  • 20 lessons: €800
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Why choose us
Our main goal is to make the learning process interesting and accessible
Free door-to-door service
You do not need to waste time going to school, as your instructor will pick you up from your location and bring you back to any convenient location.
Friendly and experienced instructors
All our instructors have teaching experience and improve their skills by regularly taking courses and advanced training tests.
Fair prices
There will be no unexpected expenses. All prices are specified in the contract, which is signed before the beginning of the classes.
Our instructors
All our instructors possess teaching skills and at least 10 years of driving experience
Jake Clinston
Experience: 18 years
Car: Kia Rio
Peet Buds
Experience: 12 years
Car: Chevrolet Aveo
Julia Kooper
Experience: 10 years
Car: Volkswagen Polo
Max Simson
Experience: 10 years
Car: Volkswagen New Beetle
Reviews from our pupils
If you have any questions, send us an email or call us at +353 1234 56 78
How long would it take for me to get ready for my practical test?
We advise students to complete 45 hours of professional training combined with a minimum of 22 hours of private practice. However, this is individual for each student and will depend on the frequency of the driving lessons and the ability to learn.
What will we do during the first lesson?
In the first lesson, your instructor will explain how the car's controls work and then guide you to the car for you to explore inside the car.
Can I join the course at any time?
Yes, you can join the course after another driving school. Please get in touch with our office for more information.
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Working hours: 10:00 – 20:00
20 Digges Street Upper, Dublin

+353 1234 56 78
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