Andy Malcolm. I am a copywriter for media and advertising projects
I offer services of copywriting, rewriting and SEO copywriting. With 7 years experience in media and adverticing I create texts for human beings with high viral level. I speak and write 3 languages (English, German and French) except Hungarian and I am ready to work on international projects.
Copywriting directions
I specialise in media projects, cases connected to design, art, some cultural projects. I make a deep research for each project, learn everything about the target audience, create a business plan and approve it to project conception. I can compose marketing texts which is good as for SEO as for your clients perception.
— Content creation
— Product descriptions
— Writing press releases
— SEO copywriting
— Content creation
— Article writing
My personal skills
I speak and write in English, German, French and Hungarian
I am always in marketing trends research and discovering psychology mentality.
I have a wide clients base and experience in different spheres of marketing.
I can compose marketing texts which is good as for SEO as for your clients.
I usually work as part of a creative team.
I am responsible for producing compelling and persuasive content and the art director has ultimate responsibility for visual communication
My best cases:
During my 7 years experience in copywriting and journalism I have been worked with small private projects and big commercial corporations.
"Compose" online store. Texts for partnership program for designers and investors research.
"Compose" online store. Creating content for site promotion, SEO optimization and managing of conception.
SoSoul Magazine. Marketing media content for a promotional article "Mercury fashion performance".
Coffee seed. This is a mobile application for ordering coffee or desserts. I have created texts for promotional landing page.
I live in Budapest and cooperate with people and companies all over the world. Contact me for cooperation.
Phone: +785 336 2789 33 78
Skype: andymalcolm
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