Movies will make you famous; Television will make you rich; But theatre will make you good.
Terrence Mann
The day of birth of the theatre is a August, 19th in 1997th. The theatre was founded by an outstanding actor and a playwriter Michael Maeck. The original stage was located on the Reitmorstraße 31-27, München. It was buit by Natan Moriss, the American architect near the Senioren-und Pflegeheim Vincentinum München. There was always a small studio theatre space with a small team of residental actors. And also there were always interesting collaborations with other theatres.

The repertoire of the theater was always engaged in experimental productions of classical and contemporary works. The key performance "The Sunlight" by Dorcy Shean brought a great fame to the theater in 1999. "The Sunlight" is a play of one actor with a backstage voice acting, and instalations of light. There is an original scenario of the performance still plaing on the stage.
Hans Becker
Heinz Fischer
Sophie Mayer
Tobias Schäfer
Prielmayerstraße 5,, München
Phone: +123 456 789 96
The building is near the Botanischer Garten at the city centre. It is 15 minutes walk to the east from Königsplatz. There is a free parking near the Theatre.
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